A big weekend

It seems like it's been a while since I had a chance to make a posting here, and I guess it has been nearly two weeks. The last two weeks have been rather busy, though. Sunday is the big concert, where Yume Mitai (one of the groups I play with) will get to play with former Kodo members and the Miyake Taiko hozonkai, as well as several other big names in the taiko world. Here is a link to the concert information, but it is only in Japanese (at the bottom of the page). In preparation for this concert, I have been at Asano nearly every day for the last two weeks. Maybe it finally caught up with me yesterday, because I seemed to have gotten sick. Last night I had a rather high fever. Luckily, it was mostly gone by the morning and by the time I left for work, I felt healthy again. This evening I had a rehearsal from 6:30 to 8:30, tomorrow I'll have a workshop with these guys:

Then another rehearsal from 4 pm till 10 pm. Sunday, the day of the concert, we have dress rehearsal in the morning, starting at 9, break for lunch, more rehearsing, and the concert at 3:30. So it should be a busy couple of days. Hopefully I will not be too exhausted after the Miyake taiko workshop. If you watch the video, you probably can tell that it gives your body a workout. I found another blogger who did the same workshop at last summer's Earth Celebration on Sado Island, and she went and did a concert directly following the workshop. So apparently, it is possible to go from the workshop directly to another strenuous activity, however, sometimes, the sore muscles don't really hit you until the next day. Oh well, sore muscles only hurt when you don't use them.

Seeing as how I have a busy two days ahead of me, I am going to go to bed.

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