New Drums

We were able to order a couple new drums over the past two months. Unfortunately, they are not Asano drums. They are only a tenth of the cost of Asano, but they do allow us to practice on or own, so for the time being, we are satisfied to use them. They are two shime taiko, the small, high pitched drums that one often sees being played in taiko groups. Here are a couple pictures of them. (At least the sticks are from Asano)

Actually, this puts us slightly ahead of our goals for buying drums this year, and there is only one more that we planned to buy before the end of 2008. So we have about six months to save up the money for that.


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Hi Paul, thanks for visiting. You remind me of Louis Fine from "True Stories". (Not "True Lies", it's a completely different movie.)In the movie he says, "I'm lookin' for Matrimony with a capital 'M'! Hope you cheer up soon.