Performance in Noto with Hono Taiko

Sunday marked another milestone in our taiko journey. It has been one year since my first stage performance in Japan. Looking back, I actually find it funny that I called last year's performance in Togi a milestone. Maybe it was more like a step in the right direction than a milestone. Anyhow, on Sunday we (Matto Yume Mitai) traveled to Togi in the Noto Peninsula for a concert with Hono Taiko, Sasuke and Wajima Toranosuke. I remember a year ago I was simply thrilled to be sharing a stage with Hono Taiko. Now, I am still thrilled (and it's an honor), but in the past year, I have been on stage with them several times and the novelty that was there last year has worn off a bit. Still, it's one of those events that makes you realize how far you have come. Last year we were had been practicing taiko at Asano for only about two months and were a part of one group, Matto Bayashi and I had barely learned one, easy song. A year later, we are part of three Asano groups, have learned numerous songs, performed several times and comparing video from a year ago to more recently recorded ones, I can see a great deal of progress. (I can also see that there is still a long way to progress).

Now that the Togi performance is done, we have moved on to focus on our recital on October 13th. This time I will be performing in three groups and Mayumi will be in two.


Dende said...

You guys are the living example of a dream coming true for many many taiko players around a world.

Very good job and keep updating your blog as much as possible!

Following you from Argentina,

Raion Taiko said...

I realize that more and more all the time. I just hope I don't have to "wake up" too soon. Thanks for reading.


Alwen said...

I thought you'd like to know that I'm giving you the "I love your blog" award. So if you notice a lot of traffic from knitters, that's my fault.

-reading your blog down here in SW Outer Nowhere, Michigan

Raion Taiko said...

Thank you Alwen. I'm glad you enjoy the blog. It give me encouragement to keep writing.