Last Friday's Dinner

I just noticed that this will be my 100th post! Hurray! Let's hope for at least a hundred more.

Anyhow, last Friday we invited our taiko teacher, Mizue Yamada of Hono Taiko and Kazusa Okazaki, a member of a group called Hikari, the teacher of our daughter's taiko class and an employee working in the office at Asano Taiko over for dinner. We wanted to share our plans with them, hear their opinions, get their advice and so on. We were very happy and encouraged to receive the full support of our teacher, Ms. Yamada.

We didn't think to take any pictures, but Okazaki san did, and it just so happens that she writes her own blog for Hikari, the group in which she plays. She was kind enough to put up a couple pictures from the dinner.

Okazaki-san, member of Hikari and teacher of our daughter's taiko class, with our son and daughter

Okazaki san and Yamada san with our daughter (and a green tea flavored panda cookie)

If you can read Japanese, don't forget to follow Hikari's blog.


parents said...

Where are the pictures?

Raion Taiko said...

I fixed them. I had to change it to just link to the pictures, though.