Two Blogs Taiko Enthusiasts Should Know About

When I began my taiko blogging back in the summer of 2007, I didn't find many other English blogs related purely to learning or playing taiko. As time has passed, however, I have slowly become aware of a few more blogs out there that dedicate most of their posting to posts about learning and performing taiko. Today I will tell you about two blogs I know of which are all taiko, all the time.

All Things Taiko

First, let me tell you about one that I have been following for several weeks now. All Things Taiko is a blog written by Carrie Carter (also a Michigan native). I have actually been in contact with Carrie since almost a year ago, but I only became aware of her blog at the beginning of this year. Carrie was a member of Cleveland's Icho Daiko for a year before becoming a member of Seattle's Kokon Taiko for 3 years. Now she lives in Wakayama prefecture, Japan and is studying with Shippu Uchi Taiko. Carrie updates her blog often with taiko drills, videos, audio and reflections on her experiences learning taiko in Japan.

Odaiko New England Blog

I found the Odaiko New England (ONE) blog last week, but it wasn't live yet. It wouldn't let me see anything without a password, so I moved on. Then, yesterday, when I logged into my twitter account, I found this tweet: "It's official - the Odaiko New England blog is live! http://blog.onetaiko.org/" So I went to check it out immediately. They have interesting postings from various members about different workshops and concerts (given and attended). I don't know much about ONEtaiko, but they seem to be a very active and talented group. I hope that we will have a chance to meet up with them when we return to Michigan. (And what do you know, they have a link to me from their blogroll. Thanks ONE.)


Midori said...

Excellent addition to my rss feed reader ;) I'm a relatively new taiko player and I'm always looking for information and tips to improve my performance.
Thank you!

Raion Taiko said...

No problem. Glad to help. You might also be interested in Yamato's Tour Reports: http://www.yamato.jp/schedule/e_report.html
but the English translations lag a little behind the actual Japanese postings.

Anonymous said...

Great, thanks Brian! Btw, I am now following you on twitter. hehe.

Joy said...

Thanks for the review! I've been enjoying your blog for a while, and passing your posts along to my fellow Odaiko New England members, so I'm so glad to have something to share back into the community.

I noticed you also have "8 Bachi" in your blogroll, which is another blog by ONE members, on our travels to Japan and to the recent inauguration. We even got to visit Asano when we were in Japan last September :-)

Joy said...

I'm also a big fan of All Things Taiko. Great drils!

Carrie said...

Thanks so much for your post. I'm excited to check out ONE's blog now--looking forward to it.