Thank You, Wadaiko Yamato

On Saturday I went over to Asano Taiko to take part in the 400th Annivesary activities. Wadaiko Yamato had performed at the Friday night opening concert and I knew they would be at Asano on Saturday as well. I thought I would wear one of my Yamato t-shirts, so I chose one from their 2001 (?) tour. I have worn the shirt quite a bit and it shows. The image is in pretty rough shape and the color is very faded.

After arriving at Asano, I saw some of the members. I greeted them and told them I had enjoyed their performance the night before. Then one of them looked at my shirt and said, "Brian, what are your wearing? How old is that thing? Don't you have a newer one?"
"It's not so bad," I said, "It's just been well-loved."
"Brian, we'll send you a new shirt. What size is that?"
"I think it's XL, but it's a little big," I said.

It wouldn't be the first time they have given me t-shirts. But I thought they meant the next time we visited them in Asuka mura, or perhaps the next time we come to one of their concerts. Yesterday, we got a package in the mail. It was five, brand new Wadaiko Yamato T-shirts, Size L.

Thank you, again, Wadaiko Yamato, for your generosity and kindness to us.


Anonymous said...

Don't you just love them! I am still yet to see any of their concerts in Tokyo. Will aim to do that this year. It's just they very rarely do that!

Raion Taiko said...

Yes, in fact, they aren't scheduled to come to Tokyo at all this year. There domestic concerts are all in extreme Western Japan, like Yamaguchi ken. Your best bet to see them would be to try and get to Nara for their New Year Concert, which they seem to do every year. It's usually on the first or second Sunday of January. You can check their website when it gets closer to that time of year.