Kodo Earth Celebration - Part 1

Visit our new blog at our new website, www.michigantaiko.com to read the latest entry covering our trip to Sado Island for Kodo's annual Earth Celebration.

In part 1 I talk about Kodo's Sado Island Taiko Center and the workshop I took with my daughter, "Shin-chan Sensei's Taiko Experience". We both really enjoyed ourselves.

Kodo Earth Celebration - Part 1


taikohana said...

yay, i look forward to reading about your adventures at kodo's earth celebration. hopefully i can make it next year. btw, i didn't realize you would be leaving japan so soon. enjoy the rest of your time here and good luck sending those drums home! ^_^

Raion Taiko said...

Yes, I didn't know it either, until last week.