Taiko Babies

If you watched the video about Hayashi Eitetsu in my previous post (not the survey) did you notice where he mentions the babies in the audiences sleeping during the taiko performances? He talks about how the sound of the drums must be similar to the first sound we all hear in our mothers' wombs. Our mother's heartbeat. Perhaps, this is one reason that taiko drumming can be so moving to some of us.

This also reminded me of the summer of 2006, when we, along with our original members, were preparing for our first "major" performance. Our son had just been born in June, and when we practiced, we had to bring him in the basement with us. We were amazed because as soon as we would start playing the drums, he was almost immediately asleep.

Now he is one and a half and he loves the taiko. If he sees a drum, he heads straight for it. It is nearly impossible to practice with him around now, because he always wants to play too. I guess it's a good sign.

Here is a picture of him and his older sister playing "odaiko" last weekend:

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